Welcome to the Holistic Fair in Richmond Hill!

From the organiser:
In my life journey I prefer to stay open to any miracles this Life is giving to me. 🙌✨💫
And also I like to be surrounded by like-minded people who are open enough to see new ways in this life.
We all are looking for something. For health, happiness, love, harmony, financial security… 😄🏠💵😍🌳
And you know, sometimes this something you are seeking for is so close.
You just need to be open enough to see it and to be available to receive it.
When I began going to different spiritual events, my life changed drastically.
I discovered so many things I could not even imagine exist. And they exist. So close.
And they help with so many problems which for many people seem impossible to solve.

This event is bringing to you many new things, ways and methods,
thanks to the people who are open enough to learn new ways and to spread their knowledge!

Elena Nesterenko

About Organisers

These monthly holistic fairs were started in the year of 2016 by Formless Movement
Since the fall of 2018 they are run by Constellations.Work